Cape Kiwanda Morning

Love, love, love summer!  This morning I headed north to Pacific City — setting up my easel at Bob Straub State Park. Wow, was it amazing. Of course, I couldn’t do the scenery justice on canvas, but had a great time trying. Notice I am not wearing a hoodie sweatshirt — it is summer, after all. Finally!


Red, White & Blue

It is just glorious having July in my lap now. No rain, morning mist retreats by eleven o’clock and life is good. Summer seems to bring red, white, and blue — at least I seem to be fascinated by those colors in their crisp brilliance in some painting projects.IMG_2245


Radish 8x10

Well, there are the reds. More to come!

Devil’s Lake in June


Water Lilies 6×6


Devil’s Lake in June 6×6

       Sunday was dry but cloudy, so headed out to try plein air painting along the lake. It was misty and cloudy when I started the landscape, but changed, as sun emerged, so I tried this lovely little view of the water’s edge with lilies ready to open. It was a good challenge and an eye opener, because it’s the first time I have tried painting water lilies without relying on a photograph. They are much more complicated than I could imagine!

Solstice Strawberries



Solstice Strawberries 11 x 14″ oil on linen

I loved doing this painting. We bought a flat of berries at the Lincoln City farmers market on Sunday so I could try this composition. It was so nice painting them because the smell of strawberries permeated the house. Nothing says June like strawberries. With ice cream. Enjoy these long days as they pass so quickly.

Iris Day Today


It stopped raining so I worked at painting irises at Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City. A gorgeous day and perfect for trying plein air painting again. I see it’s not the best idea to paint in the sun (even though we adore sun when we get it) because the oil paints started to get really warm and soft. I started to wonder if my painting would drip off the canvas. I definitely need more experience.

Get Out! My first plein air painting

IMG_2188Connie Hansen Garden 9×12″ oil on panel

Today was the day. I have been thinking about going outdoors to paint — but always had something in the way. I tried the backyard a few days ago, but it sent the neighbor’s large dog into a huge anxiety fit, so I trekked back inside. Yesterday I went shopping and picked up an outdoor easel. Practiced inside with a couple of paintings, then today was the day.

I headed to the nearby public garden and set up beside a darling little pond. It was difficult! There was so much to look at, all around, up and down. What to focus on? I had forgotten my little viewfinder (thank you, Katia) so tried to create a composition from the absolutely HUGE world around me. I painted about 90 minutes, until it looked seriously like a downpour was about to happen. I learned a ton. I had figured I was painting water — but the painting is really about the rocks. The rocks were fascinating and all sorts of shades. Anyway, it worked out. I am eager to try it again. Found some peonies there that are still in bloom, so tomorrow they will be mine.

Anyone who has thought about getting outdoors to paint — give it a try. It is so very different from the studio.

Still Life Workshop

Busy weekend, too!  I enjoyed working in Katia Kyte’s oil painting workshop at Oregon Coast Community College last Saturday and Sunday.  It was quite different from seascapes, as we painted from ordinary objects. She was such fun and very inspiring. And, now I look at peppers, pears, and so on with a new appreciation.

This was my first try at painting shiny metal, too. So the spoon is quite the accomplishment. I’ve posted the first attempt, and the second, and it’s easy to see improvement. Except in the second painting, I have really ignored reality, making the spoon so much larger in proportion to the pear. It was very important to me, so I just naturally made it bigger. So it goes. Anyway, some interesting studies done over the weekend.