Christmas Lamb

I wanted to create a Christmas lamb painting, trying to do a winter scene, but my usual pastels appeared. Maybe I’m thinking winter is over before it’s begun? She’s still a little cutie.Shetland sheep babies are really tiny and hardy. So darling!  So, I’m ready for Easter.

IMG_0010.jpgShetland Lamb oil 6×6 panel



Push Pin Show

Scan 1

Sunset at the Edge of the Continent 9 x 12, oil on canvas paper

Here’s my entry in the Visual Arts Center’s Push-Pin Show. Everyone can enter, but you must put the entry on the wall with 4 thumb-tacks. I had worked on a clever little bird on the shore, but it wouldn’t dry. Wonder why–it’s so humid here we’ve had rain steady for days. I even put the painting in the warm oven this morning for a while–no results. So I rummaged through my growing collection of paintings and found this colorful seascape sunset. From a Road’s End photo I took. It looked good up on the gallery wall, so I hope it gets attention. And the little bird, well, he’s out of the oven and drying out someday.

I think I’ll get started on next year’s Push-Pin show entry now, so it’s dry in time. Ha!

IMG_1473Looking at China, 9 x 12″ oil on canvas paper

Berries, boats & red

I hoped the poinsettia painting would be dry enough to take to Salem tomorrow, for entry in the Something Red 2017 show. It is not at all dry. Even with medium in the paint. So, plan B. Paintings must be focused on the color red, to be displayed during the holidays. I DO have a  painting with lots of red: Strawberries. And Red Boat. So, I’m cheering up a bit, looking forward to entering one of them. I just gave the Red Boat a coating of varnish. Should be dry by morning. It’s fun having a deadline. Yes, it is.


Red Boat  12″ x 12″ oil on canvas


Strawberries 12″ x 16″ oil on canvas



Cattle Painting

Trying to get some cattle rounded up. I love their big eyes (and noses). A fencing catalog arrived (Premier thinks we still have the goat dairy) and, looking for anything to distract myself I guess, I found a photo in it of a group of Angus cattle. So, I did a small, then a larger painting of them.

IMG_0367.JPGCattle 8×10 oil on canvas

Cattle 16x20.JPGCattle 16×20″ oil on canvas

It’s Turkey Season

I just adore turkeys — they were so interesting to raise and so beautiful when their iridescent feathers sparkled in the sun. Plus, I learned that they will really peck your toes if you happen to be wearing flip-flops. With Thanksgiving around the corner, a turkey painting seemed appropriate. I did this from a photo I took of a few big boys we raised.IMG_0372.jpgTurkeys, 18×24″ oil on canvas