Yay! Thank You, Booklist

Lovely new book review just shared with my by the publisher, from the esteemed review publication, Booklist.  It’s gratifying to see attention paid to a craft book, by national reviewers. Hope that puts the book in lots of children’s hands.

“Kudos to Carlson for giving readers a look at not just one or two of the fiber arts, but a whole basket full of them, including knitting, felting, knotting, braiding, spinning, weaving, crocheting and dyeing. Whew! She begins with a history of fiber handcrafts, advice on how to choose projects, and informative “Know Your Fibers” pages that can easily be used in classrooms. Each section also provides historical information: how and where the craft developed and the ways it was put to use in the community. Once she gets into the “how-to” portions, Carlson provides clear instructions, both for learning the nitty-gritty of each craft as well as in the directions for each projects. Among the creations on offer are felted bags, finger (and needle) knit scarves, crocheted necklaces, tie-dyed tees, woven coasters and braided rugs. Though color artwork would have been nice, the sturdy black-and-white illustrations are clear and easy to understand. In fact, the whole design, with its clean layout and good-sized print invites children to pick it up right alongside a piece of yarn . . . or twine. . . or cloth . . . well, you get the idea.”

— Ilene Cooper