Felt Dollmaking


I used the book, “My Little Felt Doll” to get started. I plan to make a bit larger doll, with different proportions, but it’s fun to make a doll with only hand stitching. No sewing machine, so it’s easy to pick up whenever you have a minute. Such as when they roll out the finished project on my favorite home remodeling shows on TV.

Stitching is done on the outside of the seams using a ladder stitch. It works pretty well and I am falling in love with hand stitching. I am not that thrilled with the synthetic felt fabric I used, though. It is stiff, not really flexible, and pills easily. Plus it needs to be dyed to a nice flesh tone. But, it’s been a fun way to get started. More to come. . .

felt doll


Little Felt Doll



 Once a doll is finished, their little personality begins to glow. Then they must be named. Any suggestions for names?