Felt Dollmaking


I used the book, “My Little Felt Doll” to get started. I plan to make a bit larger doll, with different proportions, but it’s fun to make a doll with only hand stitching. No sewing machine, so it’s easy to pick up whenever you have a minute. Such as when they roll out the finished project on my favorite home remodeling shows on TV.

Stitching is done on the outside of the seams using a ladder stitch. It works pretty well and I am falling in love with hand stitching. I am not that thrilled with the synthetic felt fabric I used, though. It is stiff, not really flexible, and pills easily. Plus it needs to be dyed to a nice flesh tone. But, it’s been a fun way to get started. More to come. . .

felt doll

Little Felt Doll



 Once a doll is finished, their little personality begins to glow. Then they must be named. Any suggestions for names?






Author Page on Amazon.com

Time to catch up some online sites.  Here’s the link to my Author Page on Amazon.com. Most of my children’s books are listed.  “More to come. . .” as they say.  I’m working on new projects right now, for the DYI Dolls book.

Laurie’s new “Author Page” at Amazon.com

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