First Try at a Doll Re-Paint


What fun!  I tried a doll re-paint for the first time. I picked up four raggedy orphans at the local Goodwill, then bathed them and washed their faces off with acetone (nail polish remover). After watching several different Youtube videos and checking out the advice of world-famous re-paint queen, Sonia Singh of Tree Change Dolls, I gave it a try, too.

I didn’t go into as much detail as some of the other doll artists, but it worked pretty well. I didn’t use a pre-treat coating, and had no problem getting the pencils to work on the vinyl. I used watercolor pencils (a really cheap set from the craft store) to draw in the eye, brow, and mouth details, then a few dots of white acrylic paint for highlights. I dry-brushed a bit of pinkish chalk pastels on the face for blush.  Last, I sprayed a clear acrylic matte sealer on the face. No smudging or coming off (yet!), so I guess it is a success. Tomorrow I’ll do her cousin and the other two faceless friends. Then to work on that ratty hair.


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