Ten-Minute Madness



It’s a painting exercise I found in Carol Marine’s book, Daily Painting, and I thought it was probably a good exercise for learning to paint better. You divide up a canvas into sections, then use a timer to give yourself only ten minutes to paint your subject in the first box. Then move to the next box and paint the same subject, again for only ten minutes. It forces you to work quickly and try new approaches with color, shading, and brush work. But I procrastinated trying it until I saw this week’s “Challenge” on the Daily Paintworks website. 

I decided the week was almost over, and what did I have to lose? I had a fresh orange sitting there, saying “just try it,” to me. I have been struggling with getting orange hues mixed properly, so took the little citrus up on the offer. I used a 6″ x 6″ panel, and went to work. It was tons of fun. I think I did way better with some of the oranges here, than I did with a still life I spent all day on.

Then I went further, sending the results to the Challenge. I am now officially in the Challenge. I have no idea of anyone will see it. But, I was a player and that made me feel good. Putting my painting out there. That’s enough courage for one day.  I’m off to finish knitting a sweater for the rest of the evening.



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