Oil Paints for Christmas

We had a pretty quiet Christmas this year, but Terry surprised me with a set of oil paints, which has turned things around as far as painting goes. I was using acrylics, because they are so easy to clean up and quick to dry. But oils have some wonderful characteristics that  acrylics just don’t match. Acrylics have a flatness, a lack of luster, even when I use a final varnish.  Oils seem to have an iridescence of sorts. The colors blend together naturally. Almost too easily, though, so I have to be careful I don’t get messy muddy colors.  I do get impatient with the long time it takes the oils to dry, so will be trying out some mediums to speed up that aspect.

Here are a few new paintings done in oil.  Eggs and oranges. No sharp edges in these compositions. Everything is a sphere. Maybe I need to do something besides food.




Below is a still life in acrylics, and I wish it had more sparkle.