11×14″ Oil on canvas

Remember little Andy and Audrey — tiny Shetland sheep with happy mother nearby.



Color and Vision


Here’s a site where you can take a color vision test.  It’s a Pantone site, and very interesting. I didn’t get a screen shot, but trust me, the test is interesting and easy to do. I scored #12 points. Out of 1010, that’s not too bad. Zero is perfect. But, who’s perfect?

Anyway, I am researching  a bit on color and vision. I discovered that there are many women who see additional colors. They have an extra cone in their retina, which recognizes more colors than most of us. Maybe I need to get one? I love color in my paintings but find it is difficult to handle. Anyway, more on “tetrachromacy,” as I figure it out. Meanwhile, take the test, see what you think (or what you see, actually). Or, what you actually think you see. . . .