Coos Bay Art Museum’s Maritime Art Show


Summer is flying by so quickly. And, among those plans made last spring was a visit to the nationally-noted Coos Bay Art Museum along the southern Oregon coast. So we squeezed in a quick overnight trip and boy was it worth it! I needed a creative outing to give me new something to think about.

The Coos Art Museum has presence. It is in an old post office building, with wide steps, tall ceilings and all that architectural glory of the past. Perfect for displaying art. There was no problem finding a parking spot right in front of the building–for free. ¬†Entry fee was minimal, and the gentleman (director?) we met was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Then, we leisurely examined the beautiful (really, beautiful — no images of social dread here) ¬†works of art.


The Maritime Show was juried, and the entries came from all over the nation. While maritime art usually includes a ship or boat, many pieces in this show were not so typical. In fact, the prizewinners did not include vessels.


The big winner was a beautifully executed young woman gathering flowers on a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean, which was just a patch in the distance. It was the only piece that was done in a loose, brushy Impressionist manner. It would have been very difficult to choose winners from this show–every piece was excellent.


The prize winners can be viewed at the museum’s website:

Their next show will be all about salmon. Can’t wait to see what that brings.