Doll Crafts has Arrived!

Chicago Review Press did a fine job making sense of my ideas, as they always do. Thankful for editors! But, after starting doll making years and years ago, I finally have a finished product in print. And tons of prototype dolls in boxes all over the house.   We received pretty good reviews so far — Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal were pretty positive. Kirkus was unpredictable, as they usually are. But, remember, they raved about Hook, Knit & Spin, so I’m content. So glad it’s finally out there. Here’s a link to Barnes & Noble for more information.



New Bird


(Blue Heron at Salmon River, 30″ x 40″, oil)

Still wet — and with this humidity who knows when it will finally be dry. Here’s a Blue Heron — standing in the setting sun. Terry took a photo when he was fishing, and now I’ve put my spin on it. When (notice I don’t say “if” — I’m thinking positive) the egret painting sells at the Co-op Gallery, this one will take its place.

Emma’s Pumpkin


IMG_2839Our friend, Emma Kline, stopped by for a visit and left this cute little pumpkin. It needed to be in a still life, and as I was prepping for tomorrow’s class, I gave it a try. Autumn is in the air — and orange says it best. It’s just hard to get a really good orange — without relying on Cadmium Orange. Here’s basic Alizarin Crimson with Cadmium Yellow. I’ll try it with a different palette later this week. Thank goodness pumpkins and squash last quite a while, and those flowers are actually fake. They will always look like that. Secrets of painting still life . . .

Co-op Gallery Update

22154613_10154934288746778_2186765204161906788_nWow! I just love my little “corner” in the Pacific Artists’ Alliance, Co-op Gallery here in Lincoln City. The new show is up for three months — and I’m so thrilled to be part of it.

Now, I have to get busy to create some new works for the next re-hang, January 1. Knowing oil paints take some time to dry complicates my usual last-minute drive-by creating, so I’m getting started today. Right. Today. Maybe. . . . . well, soon.