Salmon River

New art at the Artists’ Co-op Gallery in Lincoln City this week:  my 36×36-inch painting of the Salmon River. The Big Blue Wave found a collector, so it went off to Portland and now Salmon River takes its place. Terry took a photograph last summer when he was fishing there and I tried several versions. This one I like the best. I particularly like the snippet of guardrail along the highway, in the upper right.

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Salmon River  36×36-inches, oil on stretched canvas. $459


Bliss (and little bliss)

This was really fun to paint. I did the 8×10-inch version first, loved it, so tried an 18×24-inch version. It’s a landscape fantasy, but would be fun to visit. I guess I can visit it every time I sit and gaze at the painting. That’s the joy of being an illusionist, er, painter.

Thanks, Mom

WaterfallThis is a childhood art piece of mine that my mother saved for years. Lots of years. I did it sometime in the primary grades, and it was part of a card I made for her. I was doing those Bob Ross-happy birds early-on, and still like to stick them in when no one is watching me paint.  Also, a still life of red roses, done about age 8 or 9. Crayola crayons on newsprint. So precious. Thanks a lot, Mom, for saving stuff like this. It makes me happy to remember the joy making art has always given me.

Still life


Wave Painting

Back on December 18 I posted the beginning of this painting, with my photo and blank canvas. It’s still winter here, although not at all like the East coast is enduring. Nevertheless, indoors is good, heat and light are good. Here’s the finished painting. I like it–will keep it around–and start something new.