I’ve explored crafts since childhood. Fibers, colors, shapes–I just love working with my hands, creating something that didn’t exist before. I crave learning new things and love it when a new idea hits me and I just have to study everything I can about it. Painting, sculpting, sewing, spinning–those are the crafts I enjoy most.

Over the years  I’ve earned degrees (B.S., M.A. M.A.T., & Ph.D); published books (22 to date); taught students from preschool to university; and raised sons and grandson. The eldest of four sisters, sharing and teaching come to me naturally, so I see my writing as a way to share what I’ve discovered with others.

Yearning for adventure (or at least escape from boredom), I’ve lived all over the West: California, Idaho, Arizona, Washington, and now the Oregon coast. With my husband of many years, I’ve run a goat cheese dairy (and the nation’s only Goat Museum), spun yarn from our sheep flock’s fleece, and carved a cabin out of the wilderness. I never know what will come next, but I am eager to embrace the future–as long as I can make something with my hands and write about it.

I moved to the Oregon Coast in 2016, settling in Lincoln City. A big switch from the Willamette Valley, but glorious for viewing the Pacific Ocean. So here I am, painting waves and sea birds in my home studio, after walking the sandy beach. I’m in awe of the natural beauty which is humbling, so I remind myself how fortunate I am to be walking and painting at the edge of the continent.



2 thoughts on “Meet Laurie Carlson

  1. Hi Laurie, are you the author of “Boss of the Plains”? I am writing from a publishing company and we’d love to reprint your story. How can we contact you? I don’t see an email address here. Thank you!


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