Photo Bomb Today

I realized summer was moving ahead quickly and I need to get lots of photographs to carry me through the next winter’s painting.  Sort of like getting all the fruit made into jam and cucumbers pickled. So Terry went with me to Baskett Slough (is there any where else?) with our three cameras and we began foraging for beautiful landscape reference photos.

The grasses are mature now and different wildflowers are thick everywhere — summer is very different from spring. The oaks were stalwart as ever, no change in their color for a few more months.

At one of the ponds we found a hardworking heron, busily hunting whatever looked delicious. His mate was nearby in the thick grass, probably watching the young. As he worked the pond from both sides I suddenly noticed in the viewfinder that I’d been snapping photos of a quiet doe passing through the scene. Nice to have a deer and a heron in the same shot!

Here are some of my pickings today. Now I can look forward to winter–sort of.


It’s Turkey Season

I just adore turkeys — they were so interesting to raise and so beautiful when their iridescent feathers sparkled in the sun. Plus, I learned that they will really peck your toes if you happen to be wearing flip-flops. With Thanksgiving around the corner, a turkey painting seemed appropriate. I did this from a photo I took of a few big boys we raised.IMG_0372.jpgTurkeys, 18×24″ oil on canvas