It’s Turkey Season

I just adore turkeys — they were so interesting to raise and so beautiful when their iridescent feathers sparkled in the sun. Plus, I learned that they will really peck your toes if you happen to be wearing flip-flops. With Thanksgiving around the corner, a turkey painting seemed appropriate. I did this from a photo I took of a few big boys we raised.IMG_0372.jpgTurkeys, 18×24″ oil on canvas


Emma’s Pumpkin


IMG_2839Our friend, Emma Kline, stopped by for a visit and left this cute little pumpkin. It needed to be in a still life, and as I was prepping for tomorrow’s class, I gave it a try. Autumn is in the air — and orange says it best. It’s just hard to get a really good orange — without relying on Cadmium Orange. Here’s basic Alizarin Crimson with Cadmium Yellow. I’ll try it with a different palette later this week. Thank goodness pumpkins and squash last quite a while, and those flowers are actually fake. They will always look like that. Secrets of painting still life . . .