Make Yarn Hair for Dolls


It’s almost like the 1970s again if you’re talking about doll hair. Thick and long — you almost cannot have too much of a good thing. And talk about color–the sky’s the limit here, just like in “real life.”

You can make luxurious yarn hair very easily. The challenging part is deciding which yarns to use. The best hairstyles are made using a variety of yarns: boucle, mohair, handspun, embroidery thread, worsted, sock-weight — all combined in different colors and textures to make a lively crowning glory for any doll. Stitch the wig in place on cloth dolls or glue to a plastic doll’s head.

You’ll need: yarn in at least 2 colors and textures; needle and thread; scissors. And, to use as a base, a hard-cover book. Size of the book will vary, from 8 x 10-inches for an 18-inch doll, to smaller for smaller dolls.

Wrap all the yarns at one time so they are evenly distributed. Wrap around the book cover, the longest side, at least 20 times. With needle and thread, stitch across the yarn loops right through the center. Use a backstitch and go over it twice to be sure all yarns are secure. Turn the book over and cut the loops right through the center along the middle of the book. Lay the “wig” flat on the table and sew down any loose yarns along the center stitching.




Position the wig on the doll with the stitching acting as a center part. Sew it to the head along the stitching line, going over it twice to make it secure. Style the hair in ponytails, buns, or braids if you want. Pull a few yarn strands forward over the face and trim for bangs. Trim any scraggly or uneven ends across the rest of the wig. If you need more hair on a doll, just make another wig and sew it over the first.